New Year's Eve ordering has begun!

Dear neighbors,    Starting from today, December 21, 2023, we begin accepting orders for the upcoming New Year holidays.    We will be accepting orders for New Year’s Eve until Thursday, December 28, 2023, until 2:00 PM.    Orders can be picked up on December 29, 30, and 31 at one of the retail locations of Mesara Morava of your choice (Ilije Garašanina 20, or Princeze Olivere 6 – ex Petra Zrinjskog, in Zemun).    Orders can be placed ONLY by sending an SMS/Viber message to 064 2635 355.    Our colleagues will respond to all messages received by 4:00 PM by the end of that day. Please make sure to specify in your message which retail location of Mesara Morava you want to pick up your order (Palilula or Zemun).    Lastly, we would like to remind you that we do not offer roasting services, so please refrain from sending messages with such requests.    Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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